Frequently Asked Questions

VirtuCount provides full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses.  This includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping.  You can find a full list of services here.

Yes.  Everyone on our team is a degreed and experienced professional that has gone through extensive background and qualification checks.  Additionally, we use the latest technological tools to transmit, store and back-up any sensitive or confidential data.

The short answer is No.  VirtuCount believes in the importance of overall healthy bookkeeping.  There are routine tasks and account maintenance that we perform for all of our clients.  Every client must have, at minimum, the Standard package which includes basic bookkeeping.  Other services can be added a la carte.  If you find that you need multiple services you will probably receive a better value by getting the Premium or Enterprise package.

Your income tax returns will need to be processed by your CPA.  We can help you find a CPA, if needed.  Our services help reduce your year end CPA costs because your monthly transactions will already be accurately recorded.  This means that your CPA will have fewer adjustments and spend less time processing your income tax returns.  It is worth noting that we do handle state and local sales tax returns for those customers that have this requirement. 

Our primary accounting program is Quickbooks Online.  Additionally, we use a variety of add-on apps based on the needs of our client.  Some examples include TSheets, Hubdoc, Bill.com, Expensify and Gusto.  As part of your onboarding, we will review the specific needs of your business and work with you to determine the best technological solutions to your day to day business concerns.

As you may have guessed, VirtuCount is a virtual bookkeeping and accounting service.  While we can technically handle clients located anywhere in the world, we only serve U.S. based businesses. 

Client communication is a key factor to a positive working relationship.  You will be assigned a dedicated accountant that will handle your regular transactions and will be provided with their direct business e-mail and telephone number.  E-mail is our primary method of communication for non-urgent requests and that is why we include unlimited e-mail support in every bookkeeping package.  We do understand that sometimes it is just easier or more time efficient to pick up the phone and talk.  Don’t worry, your communication will not be limited to e-mail messages!

We offer several different payment options including debit/credit card, Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH), PayPal, Zelle and even CashApp.  

If you want more information or you’re ready to get started, the first step is to set up a phone consultation.  Just click here to begin.  During the phone consultation we’ll get a bit of information on your company’s history and determine what package and services are needed for your business.  From there we’ll establish a start date for your company’s initial set-up (or clean-up, if needed) and a contract will be drafted for your review.  Once you have electronically approved the contract and submitted your initial payment, services will begin.

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